Is being a Beautycounter Consultant right for you?

This is not the type of thing I normally blog about, but after being a consultant for the last 1.5 years Beautycounter has become a bigger part of my life, so it is natural for me to want to share about it more and more!

But even more than that, what is prompting this post is a deal that Beautycounter is offering to new consultants that expires April 30th!

They is only the 2nd time they have offered this deal in the last 7 years, so if you have even considered signing up in the slightest… keep reading :)

But before we get to the details, I want to chat about who this might be good for, the requirements and perks, and we can figure out if this might be something you want to dive into this year.

Are you a…..


Are you a mega fan who uses our skincare and makes regular purchases? You might benefit from signing up to be a consultant and taking advantage of the 25% discount, plus other perks! If you join as a Fan you can rest assured you will not be pressured in anyway to sell or “perform”.  This one requires zero effort or hours of work – it’s legit just an option so you can receive the deepest discount on products you already love!

This is how I joined!



Are you looking to make a little extra money (or at least enough to cover all your purchases)? If so, then this might be you! With 5-10 hours a week you can begin investing in something that has the potential to start earning you extra side money and maybe even more :) 

This is where I am now. 



Are you looking to replace your current income, so you can quit a job? This may be an option for you! It will take work (nothing happens overnight!) and it depend on your situation (if you have a large network or an instagram or blog following you will have a little head start!), but this business absolutely has the potential to replace you full time income! You may start out as a side hustler to test the waters and be surprised that you can take this “full time”. 

This is what I am shooting for! 

DISCOUNT : 25% off 
COMMISSION : 25-35% depending on your volume!
HOSTESS REWARDS : I have a closet full of free products I’ve earned all due to hostess rewards.
WELCOME KIT : In your kit you will receive an Overnight Resurfacing Peel, a Lip Intense lipstick, a Beautycounter tote and pouch, and marketing materials!
MISC : Early access to new products, deeper discounts for pre-sale and holiday sets, discounts on other clean brands like Pursoma, Cote, Rahua, David’s, Ursa Major, extra incentives, trips and more!
FEE : $59 for Band of Beauty Members, $98 for Non-Members
PURCHASE / SALES REQUIREMENT : $1,200 for a 6 month period. I’ll show you how easy this is, but if you don’t meet this requirement, you just return to Band of Beauty. No Biggie!
INVENTORY : None! You have a personal website where customers shop from and items get shipped directly to them from Beautycounter. You never even handle the products.

Now, here’s the offer…
Beautycounter is waiving the sign-up fee when you purchase a starter set at enrollment through the end of April!

Any business will require you to make an invest, but honestly .. how many businesses do you know that you can start with a $100 investment?!

What I have found with this opportunity is that the possibilities are endless as far as how much you can earn and the best part is that it is TOTALLY up to you… no waiting for a yearly evaluation or the right time to ask for an incremental raise. No relying on others to take notice of your hard work. No set hours or dress codes. Is it anyone else’s dream to work from their house or coffeeshop?!

If any of this sounds even a tiny bit interesting, just email me and we can schedule a chat! I’m an open book as far as my investment, how much I bring in, and the activities I do to invest in this business :) And there will be absolutely no pressure … I genuinely only want gals on my team who this is right for! I honestly didn’t really know what I was signing up for when I joined, and looking back I know now that I was subconsciously searching for something that was just mine, something that was fun, and something that could support my devotional business! Welp… I ended up finding it with Beautycounter and it may just be the right fit for you too!

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