Wholeheartedly Devo


A Devotional for Singles

“Wholeheartedly”  is a devotional written specifically for the unique season of life that is singleness!
It will encourage you to live life fully as you pursue the Lord wholeheartedly, so that you enjoy this unique time, and squeeze every ounce of goodness He has planned for you out of this time

Devotional for Single Women
This is for the single woman :

  • who hates being single and can’t wait to meet the man they are going to marry.
  • who loves being single and is enjoying making the most out of this special time.
  • who thinks books about singleness are cheesy.
    (Let’s be honest, I did too… that’s why I had to write one that wasn’t. ;) )
  • who are mommas, divorced women, tired of dating, never had a date, eighteen year olds or forty!

I can promise you that you will be encouraged by “Wholeheartedly”. I don’t say that from a confidence in who I am, but in who God is as He used the Holy Spirit to guide me as I wrote!

Part 1 has 21 day of devotionals with bible verses and questions that will make you dig deeper into the Scriptures and learn what the Bible has to say about life and singleness.

Part 2 is full of extras! Do’s & Don’ts for the single gal, a bucket list, a gratitude list, a place to dream and make goals, and a resources page with some of my favorite books, podcasts, songs, and websites.

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REVIEWS from ladies just like you!

“This devotional is so anointed. I absolutely love it!!! Every single woman should read this. I have never had a devotional that has made me dig deeper and really think about my life like this one does. I look forward to reading it everyday; whether it is starting my day with it or ending my day with it. ”
– Holly H.

Wholeheartedly-Devo-2“Incredible devotional for a 20 something woman that struggled with listening to the world telling me I wasn’t good enough if I wasn’t married. Thank you for writing a devotional for women like me in a non cheesy, biblical way!” – Dianne S.

“Love this devo! The verses chosen and words speak to my heart and have helped me bring things to God. This book is what I needed right now as a single woman.” – Megan S.

“So far I am loving this devotional! I’m about halfway through right now and then I’m going to go back and study the topics for myself. I’ve learned so much already and realized so many things that I had never thought about before!” – Tiffani S.

“This is a joy to read and so eye opening. Highly recommend” – Gladys

“LOVE this study! Well-written book and printed on good quality paper as well!” – Mandy S.

“This devotional has found me in God’s perfect timing! I received this booklet today and I began immediately with the beginning prayer. Peace. Comfort. Inspiration. I really look forward to my journey through these devotions. Thank you for such a high quality product.” – Julia

“I absolutely love this devotional! I definitely recommend it to single women! It is comforting looking at scripture that relates to your situation. It has also helped me appreciate my time of singleness!” – Hilary A.

“Thankful for this! It is not just a surface level devotional, but helps you with deeper issues of the heart. Thank you, Natalie, for being sensitive to the Spirit enough to follow His leading in writing this!”
– Jess R.

“I am so thankful for this devotional. The LORD has used it to draw me so much closer to The Lord Jesus and serve Him with all my heart. <3”
– Sarah S.

“Shipped very fast. When a person orders a devotional book to help encourage them, they typically need it right when they click “purchase.” So, I’m thankful for your promptness :) I LOVE this devotional! I’ve already shared your name with 2 other friends of mine who are single as well. It’s a must read for all single women! What a gift you have with your writing and your ability to encourage and uplift. Thank you for choosing to use this gift God gave you to help encourage others.” – Jaqueline

“Half way through and I’ve learned so much already! That’s for creating something so real and authentic for us young women!” – Tiffany R.

“This devotional is absolutely wonderful! It speaks right to every situation you go through as a single Christian woman. Truly God lead Natalie to write this because it’s a real life information. God bless her!” – Aiyanna S.

Singleness Bible Study by Natalie Met Lewis