So how many of you make monthly goals?!? After getting Lara Casey’s power sheets last year I started to and I saw so much progress on the months that I actually filled them out! I hesitated blogging about them because I know everyone does them and I didn’t what it to be redundant, but I realized that everyone’s goals are usually so different and also I REALLY want the accountability that comes from putting this out there and having to report back at the end of the month. So here goes…

  • ¬†Lead our first Wholehearted Ladies study thoughtfully and prayerfully
    Ever since I started thinking about writing “Wholeheartedly” I dreamed that it would be a community where we could just have real conversations. I am so excited to have 50 girls participating and I can’t wait to get started! I really want to pray for all the hearts reading and to not rush through the questions or answers, but really be thoughtful and let the Lord’s truth sink in.
  • Finish reading “The Fringe Hours” & “You and Me, Forever”
    You may have seen my instagram post the other day about this, but I have just recently gotten on the Good Reads app and it is already helped me so much in finishing books! I have always loved reading, but I have my personality type leans more towards the undisciplined side so I have been know to start way more books than I finish! But not this year! I hoping that with these monthly goals and with the app I will be motivated to finish atleast 12 books this year.
  • Bring a load of clothes to Salvation Army
    I packed up some stuff a while back, but still haven’t dropped stuff off yet… I think that’s the toughest part sometimes! I am trying to make some space in my apartment to set up office equipment and shipping supplies!
    Which brings me to….
  • Set up workspace & Create systems for Wholeheartedly Devo sales
    I have gotten most of the tough stuff out of the way including a little printer, some shipping supplies, and a furniture piece to house everything, but I’d like to get everything a few more things and organize everything a little better so it doesn’t look too office-y since its in my dining area. I’ll have to take a picture of the cabinet so you can ooohhhh and ahhh and make me feel better about spending 7 hours putting it together!
  • Make a Savings Plan to Purchase a Lot in Olde Towne
    I have been wanting to live in our families neighborhood development for years! It seems like it may finally be the time in the next few months to purchase a lot, so I’d like to get serious and make a savings plan. I think this will help motivate me to not spend money on stupid things that don’t have much long term value.
  • Cook atleast 1 Fresh Meal a Week & Drink Lemon Water Daily
    I have been feeling the effects of regular icees, sweets, and no limits on my favorite carbs and I am ready to feel good again! About my body in terms of the way I look, but also the way I feel. I miss the energy I had when I was eating cleaner and working out.
  • Workout 2x a Week & Do a Month Long Plank Challenge
    Ditto from the one above!
  • Wake up by 6:30 Daily
    There are so many thing I want to learn & read and it seems that the morning hours are the best times for me. I love getting to spend a few hours reading the bible, devotionals, and drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Visit some of My Out of Towner Besties
    I am hoping to make a trip to Houston and Baton Rouge to spend some time with some of my besties :) See a new baby, a new house, and maybe even go to a wedding!

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