Will you be a dear and let me gloss over the fact that I didn’t complete any of my goals and that I am just now posting my goals for August on the 11th ?! I’d hate to bore you with a ton of excuses. The times I actually did do any of these goals were amazing, but they were few and far between !


  • Finish Luke.
    I started reading the Bible all the way through almost 2 years ago and slowed down when I got to the Gospels so I could study and journal them. Along the way other things popped up to read and I got way off track, so I want to get back on track and continue reading through the Bible!
  • Finish the Meaning of Marriage & Make Notes.
    In case you haven’t noticed by the first 2 goals, I am a chronic starter, but not a finisher! Which is why posting these goals is such  great thing for me. I am seriously loving this book so far and it has already helped changed my mindset on some things even in dating relationships and spurred on changes in my actions. I have 70 Pages left to read and I am also adding to that, to make notes from this book, so I can go over the main points and really let them sink in deep!
  • Purposefully Do 1 Thing a Week for Someone in their Love Language.
    Going along with what I have learned in that book above! The love languages aren’t anything new, but I am realizing how much love is lacking in relationships & friendships when we aren’t intentionally seeking to show someone their type of love. I want to make a point this week to show someone I love them in the way they need to hear it… not the way that is easiest to show it!
  • No TV Monday – Thursday.
    You may have seen this one coming. Lol. I have been binging on Netflix way too much and I am ready for another fast. There are so many things I want to do, books I want to read, and people I want to see and watching TV has no value! I KNOW this, but it is so hard to choose not to watch sometimes, because it is easier and it always feels like it will relax me! Or atleast that is what I tell myself. But then I regret that and I think about where I would be in a month if I replaced that activity with something else.
  • 10 Minute Tidy Before Bed
    Y’all, I absolutely hate when my apartment gets messy. It kind of stresses me out, then I usually wait till its such a big chore that I just keep putting it off. I am hoping that if I spend a little time each night tidying up, I won’t have to take an entire Saturday to hang up that huge pile of clothes in my bedroom!
  • Use Fitbook Daily.
    Have you guys seen these?! It is a cute little food & exercise journal. I got one for Christmas and can you believe, I am just now starting it. The plan is to schedule out my week, food and exercise and then hopefully stick to it :) 
  • Pray Daily.
    Since this was a bust last month when I had the goal for 15 minutes, I am just going to have the goal to pray daily! I found that a lot of times because I didn’t have 15 minutes to pray, then I wouldn’t pray at all! So my goal is to carry around my prayer journal this month so it will remind me and so I will find little pockets of time to pray!



I will be totally honest… these goals are on the superficial and easy side, but after a major fail last month and knowing that August is already so busy, I am going to cheat a little. Hope you still love me :)

  • Read Scary Close & Love, Skip, Jump
    Val has read and recommended both of these and they seem like easy reads, so I hope to finish these this month! I have realized that in some relationships, I let people in quickly, but only up to a certain point and then I keep them at a distance. I am hoping to get some insight into why this is and the power of vulnerability from Scary Close. And I have learned so much in the lasst year about saying “yes!” to God and His plans, and I hope for Love, Skip, Jump to inspire me to make this a daily thing.
  • Use Juice Beauty Daily
    I have been thinking a lot lately about switching to more natural products in a lot of different areas, but have always been more hesitant about skincare, because I finally found something that worked for me!  When I hit 27 my hormones changed and my face sure showed it. Just last year, after trying tons of products, I finally went to a dermatologists who put me on a prescription cream and a retinol. I’m not ready to stop using those products, but I’d like for everything else I use to be as natural as possible. So I purchased the eye cream, spf, night cream, and antioxidant serum and want to use it consistently for the entire month. I heard great thing about natural products clearing a lot of issues and I am hoping for the same.  
  • Workout 4x Week
    2 Beach trips this month and one in October!
  • Drink Teami Blends Detox Pack
    I found out about this tea from Instagram, and felt like my body could totally use a detox from the foods I’d been eating and just give myself a jump start to eating cleaner! And in a totally random coincidence Allie Shirley (our Miss June Wholehearted Lady, lol) just posted that she also in the middle of the detox pack.
  • Celebrate Turning 31!!!!
    Our family is headed to the beach for our annual trip the day after me and Val’s birthday, August 28th, so I am thinking this birthday will be pretty low-key, but I’d love to use this trip and downtime as an opportunity to fill out my power sheets for the next 6 months and set some goals for my 31st year :)

Ok, so now you tell me … What will you be doing for my birthday month ? ;)

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