Well this just works. Only 1 month into broadcasting my goals to the world and I am already making more things happen. I think I would have given up planking once I got to day #12, but because I knew I’d have to report back, I didn’t quit till day #24. Still a quitter? yes, but a much later quitter.


  •  Lead our first Wholehearted Ladies study thoughtfully and prayerfully
    Ever since I started thinking about writing “Wholeheartedly” I dreamed that it would be a community where we could just have real conversations. I am so excited to have 50 girls participating and I can’t wait to get started! I really want to pray for all the hearts reading and to not rush through the questions or answers, but really be thoughtful and let the Lord’s truth sink in.
    In process! We still have 2 more weeks, but it has been wonderful. I am learning even more through going through the study with everyone. Also,  I never thought I’d ENJOY and be EXCITED to pray for other people so much. I believe the Lord is doing such great things in this little group and I am so honored to be a part. And btw the group has grown to 73! 
  • Finish reading “The Fringe Hours” & “You and Me, Forever”
    You may have seen my instagram post the other day about this, but I have just recently gotten on the Good Reads app and it is already helped me so much in finishing books! I have always loved reading, but I have my personality type leans more towards the undisciplined side so I have been know to start way more books than I finish! But not this year! I hoping that with these monthly goals and with the app I will be motivated to finish atleast 12 books this year.
    Half completed! I finished the Fringe Hours, but only got about 1 third of the way through “You and Me, Forever”. Buuuuut it was for good reason! (this is just the start of the excuses! Lol.) I read Val’s manuscript for her book that she will be launching this fall! It was so good and I am really exciting for you to all get your hands on it. Who knows, maybe she will gift me with a copy so I can do  giveaway !!??
  • Bring a load of clothes to Salvation Army
    I packed up some stuff a while back, but still haven’t dropped stuff off yet… I think that’s the toughest part sometimes! I am trying to make some space in my apartment to set up office equipment and shipping supplies!
  • Set up workspace & Create systems for Wholeheartedly Devo sales
    I have gotten most of the tough stuff out of the way including a little printer, some shipping supplies, and a furniture piece to house everything, but I’d like to get everything a few more things and organize everything a little better so it doesn’t look too office-y since it’s in my dining area. I’ll have to take a picture of the cabinet so you can ooohhhh and ahhh and make me feel better about spending 7 hours putting it together!
    Done! There’s probably more that I can do, but I am way more organized than before. And what do you think about the piece??? Worth the cursing and tears?
  • Make a Savings Plan to Purchase a Lot in Olde Towne
    I have been wanting to live in our families neighborhood development for years! It seems like it may finally be the time in the next few months to purchase a lot, so I’d like to get serious and make a savings plan. I think this will help motivate me to not spend money on stupid things that don’t have much long term value.
    Done! The planning that is :) Now to get serious and go into gazelle-like savings mode! (Do I have any Dave Ramsey fans here?!) 
  • Cook atleast 1 Fresh Meal a Week & Drink Lemon Water Daily
    I have been feeling the effects of regular icees, sweets, and no limits on my favorite carbs and I am ready to feel good again! About my body in terms of the way I look, but also the way I feel. I miss the energy I had when I was eating cleaner and working out.
    Did I say COOK or EAT a fresh meal???? Because if it was eat then mission accomplished. Otherwise…..
    As for the lemon water I’d say I did pretty good! About 25 of the 30 days and I love it! I also mixed it up with some lime too. 
  • Workout 2x a Week & Do a Month Long Plank Challenge
    Ditto from the one above!
    My biggest fail :( I worked out about 4 times this month … Which pains me to say because I used to do that in a week! It’s hard to get back on the horse. Note to Self: don’t fall off. I am going to put this one on again for next month!
    And the plank challenge.. I was actually doing pretty good until day 23 or 24 …3 minutes is haaaaaardddd ! And my lower back was killing me. It is entirely possible I did not have the perfect form, but seriously… how are people planking for 5 minutes!??!
  • Wake up by 6:30 Daily
    There are so many thing I want to learn & read and it seems that the morning hours are the best times for me. I love getting to spend a few hours reading the bible, devotionals, and drinking a cup of coffee.
    Done! And I dare say it is a habit now! Loving all my extra morning time.
  • Visit some of My Out of Towner Besties
    I am hoping to make a trip to Houston and Baton Rouge to spend some time with some of my besties :) See a new baby, a new house, and maybe even go to a wedding!
    Half completed! Made my trip to Houston, but the Baton Rouge trip didn’t happen, so I am adding that to this month.



  • Complete Work on 1 Freebie & Start on 1 New Product.
    It’s a secret, but I can’t wait to share :)
  • Car Maintenance & Oil Change.
    My aux plug has been broken over a year and a half, which was most tragic over Christmas, because I have the most amazing Spotify playlist, so it is beyond time for me to get that fixed. And I have a broken visor that some consider a visual hazard.
  • Workout 2x a Week.
    Summer. Beach Trips. Bathing Suit.
  • Visit Friends in Baton Rouge.
    I am dying to see one of my best friends newest babies, and if I wait much longer he will probably be walking by the time I finally see him!  So off to his brothers Super Hero Birthday party next weekend!
  • Finish A Beautiful Mess Blog Life E-Course.
    There is so much I want to share through this little blog! I have gotten off to a slow start, but I hope that once I get into a routine and have things more organized I can share more of my heart with you guys.
  • Finish “You and Me Forever”.
  • Be on time for Work.
    If your grandfather was your boss, you’d be late too … :) But we have got so much going on lately so I have got to be on time!

Wish me luck this month! What are you trying to make happen for May???

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  • I just found you through Instagram. I had no idea you were a twin. I read your sister’s blog, too. I look forward to following along with you as well.

  • These are great goals! My bestie lives in Baton Rouge so if I’m ever out that direction you and I should grab lunch :) And you’ll have to let us know how that e-course is! I’ve been curious to try it out!

    • Get out! It’s only like an hour away! If you ever need a place to stay in Lafayette you have one :) And I am only like a fourth of the way into the course and it has been great so far!