My “Plant the Seeds” Year

Today I’m sharing something that has gotten me more expectant than I have been in a long time!

A few months ago, I felt like God was telling me that 2020 would be a year of “planting” for me, not my year of “harvest”.

If you can imagine, this was not exactly what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear Him say “This is your year to see the fruit; expand your borders; and see things come to fruition that you have been dreaming about!”

That’s not what He said though.

But… and this is a powerful “but”…. God has shown me that His plans will always be better than mine.

As a single women, who made plenty of plans for myself, He proved to me, without a doubt and repeatedly, that what He had in mind was more than anything I could dream or imagine.

So remembering how sweet of a thing it was to surrender (the results… not the actually surrendering – that was hard!) my own plans to His, I told Him “yes! give me a year of planting seeds!”, even though I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

Then He told me.

“Use your income to plant eternal seeds.”

Side note: In my experience He always speaks AFTER I choose to follow Him. If you aren’t hearing Him speak… tell Him you trust Him and will obey!

Ok, back to the story…

This was really different than I expected. What thought He meant by year of planting was that it would be a year of hard work and that maybe the next year would be the “payoff”. In my limited thinking, I assumed this was all about my Beautycounter business, my team, and my paycheck.

But then He pointed me back to being eternally minded. I feel silly that I didn’t see it quicker… me being the gal who wrote a bible study on being fixed on eternity!

So here is the plan that I feel led to :

I will be selecting 1 non-profit, missionary, or charity each month of 2020 and sending them my entire commission from sales for a 10 day period.

  • I want to find a wide range of people who are serving God, loving His people, and making His name known in all the nations.
  • I want to find people that I know who are directly involved in the mission.
  • I can earn from 25% – 35% based on my volume each month. So if you place an order for $100, I will donate the full $25-35 I receive directly to the recipient.

My hope is two-fold… 1. That shoppers can purchase things they might buy anyway and help support organizations doing great work at the same time! 2. That I can share the stories of people who are deep in the work of the gospel, so you might connect with them and that we might be challenged by their mission!

That’s the plan and I’m way to excited to see all that God will do, but before I leave you, I want to share with you some of my initial fears and hesitations when I first considered this, because you may be feeling some of the same things with something He is calling you to :

  • What if I don’t sell enough and therefore won’t have much to give?
    It could be a small offering. I will be embarrassed.
  • What if they think I’m weird or that direct sales are weird and they don’t want to connected to an mlm?
    I’ll be judged and could face rejection.

As I wrote these fears out… I felt so dumb for even letting them stand in my way.

This is not about me.
This is not about what others might think.
This is about planting seeds!!! Seeds for eternity. And when I think of it that, the other stuff just doesn’t even matter.

And let me share one more fear.

  • What if I out give God? What if I give away more than I make after expenses, etc? What if I end up selling a lot and have to give away a ton?

This is the one that was the hardest to admit, but also the easiest to overcome.

I can NEVER out give God. The truth is that any income I receive is His first anyway. He gives me the skills, connections, and ability to make money. The money is already His!

It’s just passing through my fingers to others who are planting ETERNAL seeds for His kingdom! The best part is that He is allowing me to be involved so that I can see how only He can work and be encouraged and blessed by it.

I could not be more excited to get to be a part of this and expectant for all that God will do. The first one starts tomorrow – I’ll be back to share about my January recipient :)

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