Top 4 Blog Posts of 2015

1. 30 & Single : Why I’m glad I didn’t get married in my 20’s
I am not surprised this was the most popular post! One of the number one searches that lead people to my blog is the question “Why am I still single?”(Which I plan to do a post on soon!) It shows how many out there are single longer than they imagined or planned. My purpose with this post was to share things to be grateful for if this is where you find yourself. In Wholeheartedly, we talk a lot about how the world’s timetable is not necessarily the timetable the Lord has planned for each one of us. And if this is God’s plan for us, then ultimately it will be the best for us! I hope this post brings some things to mind that you never thought of before as reasons to be single as an older gal!

2. Hard Truths : A name better than sons & daughters
This was the post I was most nervous to publish! Because I am not a mom, I didn’t want to come off like I was belittling motherhood or the tough job that moms have. But as I became more aware of the pressures the world puts on women to have children and the glorification/idolization of motherhood I questioned what the Bible had to say about it. What I discovered was something that honestly surprised me and was hard to reconcile, but most of the Lord’s truths are like that. They flip every earthly thing on their heads!  I was glad to learn these truths now and pray that it helps me to keep my future husband and future kids in the proper place of importance.

3. Being Golden : How discovering my personality type changed everything
I’m basically obsessed with and think it is SOOOO important to figure your personality type!  Each person is so unique and there is just something that boosts your confidence when you realize that you have strengths that differ from other people. With comparison, we tend to mainly focus on the negative things, so we have to be intentional sometimes to discover our strengths. Once I discovered what my personality type was it encouraged to continue to grow those areas and it guided me to what my overall purpose for the Lord was!

4. Lessons from My Exes & other embarrassing stories I shouldn’t tell
This was maybe the most fun post to write. Lol. I think it resonated with people, because we can all remember a time where we dated someone we shouldn’t have and had that “what was I thinking moment???”. Or maybe you all were just laughing AT me! Regardless, I hope that it serves as a reminder about different types of guys out there and the possibility that we could be settling for less than God’s best.

What did you guys think of these posts? Did you have any other favorites, I didn’t mention?!

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