2017 Powersheet Goals

There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh start and a fresh new year! It brings so much hope and anticipation for what the next year could bring and I just love it!!!!!

If you make your way around blogs or social media (basically if you are alive) you have probably heard the praise for this tool, the Powersheets, being shouted from the rooftops. Pretty much anyone who really uses them becomes a lifer and plans to never start a new year without them (you can include me in this!). But this is not just hype. This tool has drastically changed my life for the better, like a 180 from who I used to be. I feel like I have made more things happen that really matter in the few years I have been using them than all my other years combined. SO without further ado, let me share with you my 1o  powersheet goals that I want to make happen this year for 2017! Powersheet Goals & Action Steps

1. Treat My Business as a Business

Since launching the Wholeheartedly Devotional, I have had a very relaxed attitude about the business side of things. I haven’t focused on making a profit and found my self doing things that might make a business coach cringe (aka giving away too many or discounting too much). My desire is for this little shop to grow into a full time job for me. Never before have I had a job that I loved so much or that felt like not working at all, until now. :) It is hard just working on it in the mornings and the weekends because and I find myself wishing I was doing this during the day! I know to get to that point, I really need to invest in this little business so that it can grow to one day be more than just a hobby or a side hustle. In the new year I plan to invest in business courses and tools that will help me to grow my shop into everything that God has in store.

WHY:  This is what I want to be doing as a full time job and for a good little while! I have so many more ideas for devotionals and I know I need to get more focused and invest on a good system so that I can start cranking them out more quickly! More than it being what I want to do, it is what God has put on my heart to do and to be able to spend my days doing it would be so fulfilling.

1. Invest in Courses & Tools – I am really hoping to be able to take the Blueprint Model course!
2. Design 2017 Business Planner – Every year I work through the power sheet prep I realize how important planning is for me to making things happen, so I wanted to design a planner specifically for my business to keep me on track through out the year! I’ll share bits of it on Insta Stories and hopefully it will inspire you too!
3. Work Full Day on Monday – Starting in January, I am switching my schedule at work to be able to take Mondays off so I can work on my business for a full day! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making this little step!

2. Enjoy & Celebrate our Marriage

Josh and I will be married 1 year on April 8th and I want us to celebrate and enjoy each others company! My goal is that we would each be the “easy part of life” for the other. That whatever stresses may come, we will be the easiest, most refreshing part.

WHY: I have been pretty open that the first 6 months of marriage were just plain hard! There was the whole getting used to living together thing, the realizing how selfish we were thing, and the outside stresses and tensions thing that we really couldn’t control. We need to take this time to recover from the hard stuff and just simply enjoy each other! We have done this more and more over the last 2 months and it has made a huge difference in our closeness and even in our arguments.

1. Surprise Date Nights – We have done a few of these already and the surprise makes date nights more fun! Once Josh took me on a picnic and a different time I surprised him with an appetizers & desserts dinner. (I am pinning more ideas to this board, so tag me if you see any good ideas!)
2. 1 Year Anniversary Trip & Some Weekend Getaways – There is just something so fun and relaxing about getting away together! And we know when we have kids, trips one together may be few and far between, so I want to be intentional about getting a few in this year.
3. Go Through the Navigators Council – This looked like a good journal to help foster good convo at least on a weekly basis!

3. Write & Launch 2 Devotionals

This was on my list last year, and I didn’t even get close so I am really hoping to get the next 2 devotionals out this year. It’s not that the writing takes long, its more that its hard to get started. Doubt creeps in and makes you think your not ready or need to do more research. But I’m happy to say I started the next one about a month ago so it IS coming.

WHY: This is easy! It is my calling to write, I love it, and I know there are things that people need to hear that the Lord is speaking to me!

1. Make a timeline for the year
2. Write atleast a little every weekday morning.
3. Research and plan a launch well

4. Cultivate a Life of Awe & Worship of God

After reading the book AWE by Paul David Tripp, I have been awakened to the importance of just sitting in awe, reverence, and worship of the Lord. My relationship with the Lord is so unique, in that, while we can share a close relationship with Him, He is also so majestic, powerful, and almighty. I don’t ever want to be too comfortable and forget that. I want to sit in His presence and attempt to recognize how remarkable it is that I get to experience Him.

WHY: Worshipping the Lord is my most important task in life. The Lord deserves it. And I know that it will change every area of my life and bring joy to anything!

1. Study the character of God.
2. Listen to more worship music.
3. Sit in nature, see beauty in creation.
4. Choose 1 big thing each month (I’m thinking a character trait of God) to meditate on & thank God for.

5. Grow a People First Business

My first goal for this business is that it will always be centered around people. Specifically the women who read my devotionals, who I connect with online, and the people I interact with on the business end. I want their hearts to always be the motivation for the decisions I make and the content that I put out. I never want to get so wrapped up in business end that I push out the important stuff.

WHY: Life change and pushing others towards Christ is the ultimate goal, not sales.

1. Schedule time on Monday to interact, respond, and connect with women.
2. FB Cards & Prompts : In our Wholehearted Ladies Facebook group , we have gone through the demo a few times and the girls connect and ask questions and share encouragement from time to time. But I want it to be even more. I’d like to facilitate more interactions and be able to spread encouragement on a more regular basis.

6. Make the Effort to be Styled & Polished

I won’t claim to have ever been a terribly stylish or put together person, but over the last year or so I have gotten even more lazy about it. My current style consists of asking “What’s the least I can get away with?”. “Do I really need to wear heels?” “Can my hair last a few more days with dry shampoo?”  You get the idea. I know there will come a day (probably with kids) when I might not have the time or energy I have now to spend on making myself look and feel nice, so I would like to figure out a way to be more polished and stylish now, cause it would probably be harder later!

WHY:   I would love to feel more confident & comfortable in everyday life and more professional at work. Figuring out my style or getting a routine would make getting dressed easier in the morning and I could get rid of some clutter. And my husband loves when I’m flirty with him, but I can sometimes be lazy about it! So I want him to feel like I want to look nice for him and be sexy to him on an everyday basis.

1. Go through the Curated Closet guide.
2. Develop a “uniform” for work.
3. Wear the perfume Josh picked out.
4. Wash hair more often. (Y’all I can go like 7 days sometimes… )
5. Paint nails
6. Buy some signature jewelry pieces.

7. Surrender My Business & Future Daily

The truth is that this little business of mine is really all His. My name is on it, but I am a servant and a steward. I want to make it a point everyday to surrender my business to Him, so that I can have a moment everyday where I acknowledge that this is not on my terms, but it should always be on His terms.

WHY: Because God can do more than I ever could dream or imagine. He is so worthy. And I have no idea what I am doing really :)

1. Lift up NML daily to the Lord. Surrender devos & the even the little details like the names I’m considering.
2. Seek His guidance.
3. Read resources from Michelle Myers with She Works His Way

8. Develop a Big Picture Game Plan for our Finances

Confession time… dealing with finances in a marriage is tough! Lol! Josh and I have 2 opposite personalities when it comes to spending & saving. I want us to take the next year coming up with a game plan TOGETHER so that our goals are really OUR goals and not just mine or just his. I also want to get focused & make it a habit to choose future gains instead of present pleasures.

WHY: So we can be in control of our money instead of to controlling us.  So we can make things happen for our future like buying a lot in our families subdivision. And so we can enjoy traveling together.

1. Make appointment with Financial Planner

9. Practice Steadiness

If you read my post yesterday, you know that steady is my word for the year. I really feel like so much can be gained from a steady life and a big aspect of steadiness,I believe, will be to create good routines.

WHY: Steadiness in good habits is necessary to reach your goals.

1. Develop & Blog about routines
2. Research what it looks like for all different areas

10. Seek the “Illumination of the Holy Spirit” & Draw on the “Power of the Holy Spirit”.

As I was reading The Pursuit of Man the other day by A.W. Tozer he spoke about these 2 concepts in a way that made me never want to miss out them. Illumination of the Holy Spirit, the way he described it, is the act of the Holy Spirit opening our eyes to the truth, whether it be as we read the Bible, pray, or just go throughout our day. By having the Holy Spirit we have been given the ability the grasp things that are outside of our earthly understanding. The Power of the Holy Spirit is just what it says. We have been given this holy power to do (& be, & understand, etc.) more than we could ever on our own, but often times we choose to refuse this power and we do things alone. I don’t want to do that.

WHY: I don’t want to take for granted the gift of the Holy Spirit. I want to gain the insight & truth that God intends for me to receive. I want to use this truth to share with others and I want to be confidant that what I share is from God.

1. Pray before I read for that the Holy Spirit would open my eyes to truth.
2. Pray that I would live and act from the power of the Holy Spirit and not my own strength.

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