2018 Powersheet Goals

Yay for powersheet goals day here on the blog!
Here are my 10 goals that I am hoping to achieve in 2018.

1. Make Disciples

When God called me to write the Wholeheartedly Devoted devotional this was actually the underlying goal. My desire was that the words and scriptures in that devo would bring women into a deeper relationship with the Lord. That they would go from believers maybe questioning His plans, purposes, and goodness, to fully devoted followers, passionate about the God we serve and trusting that His ways are infinitely better than ours. Unfortunately this objective can get lost in the weeds when ministry becomes a business! So this year I want life change through discipleship to be at the top of my priorities.

WHY:  Jesus commands it. It’s what we are still on this earth for. And He has called me to it specifically.

1. Connect with women One-on-One
2. Consider other offerings that might accomplish this in a really impactful way! (Wheels are already turning. More on this later :))

2. Pray Before

I developed this method this past year and it has been really transformative for my life!
Basically, the idea is to stop and pray before moving on to the next thing. The intention behind it is to invite God into the moment and pray specifically for whatever activity you find yourself doing.

These are some examples :

  • Pray Before GETTING OUT OF BED -> Surrender my day and ask the Lord to guide me and speak to me.
  • Pray Before WRITING -> Hand over the pen and ask the Lord to use me as a vessel.
  • Pray Before WORKING – > God would guide my actions. I’d be discipled, efficient, and work unto the Lord.

After writing down a ton of scenarios (which I plan to blog soon), I’m reminded to pray each time I transition to another one of these activities. Developing this habit has made me think about prayer more consistently through out the day. My hope is that after doing this for a year, “praying continually” will be really ingrained in me.

WHY: I want to invite the Lord into my everyday. He has so much planned that is beyond my thoughts, and I never want to stand in the way of that. I want to live a life that is guided by His hand and experiences fully all that He has planned.

1. Write out a compete list of “Pray Befores”
2. Post it where I will see it regularly – phone, prayer journal, mirror, etc.

3. Be Sensitive & Obedient

My word for the year, plus my backup word :) (Check out my WOTY post where I explained it in depth).

WHY: My desire is to tune my heart to God’s. I want to sense the things Jesus would, look past the seen to the unseen, and follow the promptings of my heart.

1. Work through Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God study.

4. Create More than I Consume

This goal is two-fold. First I will need to consume less content that I do currently and second I will need to create more content than I do now. I thinking keeping the ratio in mind is helpful, because its kind of abstract to say I want to do something “more” or something “less”.  I can easily compare my input vs. output and know if it’s off! (Which it totally is right now!) It is sooooo easy to just waste an hour consuming content, that let’s be honest… is not necessarily edifying, and say I don’t have time to blog, which could help to support goal #1, making disciples and encouraging women!

WHY: God has given me a message to share that others need to hear. Accomplishing this goal would mean I am walking out that calling.

1. Make monthly goals for content.
2. Make a writing schedule (so I can finish the next devo!)
3. Limit “scrolling”

5. Simplify My Business

I’m realizing more and more that clutter, of my physical space or of the mind, makes me so frazzled, distracted, and really stalls me out! So my goal is to really work through all my areas of business and figure out what needs to be simplified and just prune things away.

WHY: Expose the important things.

1. Simplify my Niche : Figure it out once and for all so I can serve you better!
2. Simplify my Website : So you can get where you want right away!
3. Simplify my Office : So I can be efficient with my time, not distracted, and have everything I need.

6. Close the Gaps

As I continue to try to build this side hustle into a full-time business, I recognize the necessity to build a solid foundation that will be able to sustain itself and encourage growth. There are quite a few things that I have let slip through the gaps and it is time to get those things taken care of and in place so that I can build a business that will thrive.

WHY:  Michelle Myers says as Christ followers that we are called to excellence, and I was convicted about this knowing that there are so many things I haven’t pursued excellence. (Side note: I don’t define excellence as perfection! It is doing my best.)

1. Make a 2018 Budget
2. Make a 2018 Revenue Plan
3. Quarterly Planning & Reviews
4. Fix Email Sequences

7. Build Healthy Habits

We always have to have a health goal, right?
This year is a little different for me. Most of the time I have focused on health for the vanity of it, but after a family health scare a few months ago, Josh and I are focused on heart healthy and developing healthy habits that we can sustain over a lifetime. This means that it may not be as flashy as running a marathon or getting rock hard abs, but will be smaller more long sustaining habits that will lead to better overall health.

WHY: To fuel my life, so I can live it to the fullest of what God has in store.

1. Make Daily & Weekly List (Some ideas : ACV & Vitamins daily, Essential Oils daily, Get good sleep – Use magnesium spray & oils, Read, Play Tennis, Stretch Daily)
2. Research smallest changes that make the biggest impact
3. Research ways to be heart healthy

8. Be Present

This was something that hit me just recently. I have been preaching the idea of living fully in your season of singleness. Encouraging you to maximize the unique opportunity you find yourself in and really just giving your full attention to where you are. But I’m just connecting this same concept with the everyday moments as well!

My desire for this goal is to live fully present wherever I am! In my season of life, married & kidless, working for the fam & doing the side hustle. In the moment, whether it is working, resting, or playing. In my environment, at home, out & about, in nature, at the office. Wherever I am I want to be ALL there. Not wishing for the next thing or thinking about the past.

WHY: Moments and seasons make up your life! And you never know how long a moment or season will last, so you’d better make the most of it!

1. Write out the seasons I am in and the ways I can maximize them.
2. Write out the moments I experience and how I can maximize them.
3. Write out the places I go and how I can maximize being there.

9. ??????????????

This is a secret goal :)

WHY: ?????

1. ????????

10. Read 15 Life Changing Books

I’ll share more on this topic in my book post, but in an effort to simplify, I want to focus on quality over quantity this year. I need permission to stop reading books that aren’t doing much to inspire me!

WHY: The purpose of reading is impact on my life, not just checking off a list. The focus needs to be on life change. Also, I don’t want to clutter my mind by reading several books on the same subject and therefore fall into paralysis analysis, trying to figure out which method or system I want to follow, or worse… trying to do them all!

1. Make my 2018 booklist, 1 book for each goal, plus a few extras.
2. Set up Done app for pages read.

So there you have it! My goals for 2018. I think its going to be a great year :)
Please share if you have any ideas for more actions steps and links to your own goal posts!

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