2019 Powersheet Goals

Breaking my (accidental) blogging hiatus for one of my favorite posts of the years – my yearly powersheet goals!
Along with each goal, I am also sharing what books I’m planning to read to stay inspired and reach that goal :

1. Break my phone addiction.

I’m sure this is on most peoples lists, but I am just so so sick of all the time spent on my phone. But even though I feel this regret at the end of the day (every single day!), I still can’t seem to shake this habit. My hope is to finally be in control of my phone usage and not be controlled by my phone.

Book :
How to Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price

Action Steps :

  • Charge phone across room
  • Set “downtime limits” on iPhone and stick to them

2. Be God’s mouthpiece. 

It often feels like I go in an out of being the truth teller God has called me to be and I hate that I waiver. It is obvious to me that part of the problem is me not being more consistent in opening the Bible and in turn, not having any words to share. I want to develop more consistency in this area – running to Him to fill me up and more boldness in sharing – speaking confidently for all to hear.

Action Steps :

  • Write out Bible reading plan
  • Pursue consistency in prayer with prayer journal
  • Create quiet time space and routine

Book :
The Bible 

3. Create a safe & healthy environment for our family and future baby.

As Josh and I plan to start a family, I have been thinking more and more about all the elements in our environment that are actually within our control! My goal is to focus on the food I put in my body, the products I put on my body (skincare, body, and beauty), my activity (or lack there of), our household products and cleaning products. If this is one of your goals  I made to help you as you go through the process :)

Action Steps :

  • Go through “Making the Switch” worksheet (grab this worksheet here if switching to non-toxic is one of your goals too)
  • Replace Tupperware with glass food storage
  • Hair Analysis to see what I’m deficient in
  • Research more about nutrition for healthy conception and pregnancy

Books :
Eating Expectantly : Practical Advice for Healthy Eating Before, During and After Pregnancy by Bridget Swinney
Fatter, Sicker, Poorer : The Urgent Threat of Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Our Health and Future  by Leonardo Trasande
No More Dirty Looks : The Truth about Your Beauty Products by Siobhan O’Connor

4. Give more money.

This goal is simple… God has continued to provide for us financially and I never want that to just stop with me! I want to be more of a flow through for all His financial blessings. Making this happen will be simple too – spend less, make more, and increase percentage of giving.

Action Ideas :

Books :
None yet! Any ideas?

(And in case you didn’t know, 10% of all income for Natalie Met Lewis is sent to Hope4Burundi an organization that supports women in Burundi (mostly widows) by teaching them skills like sewing so they can make a living and helping to bring restoration and hope spiritually as well! And 10% of all income from Beautycounter is sent to Share Tree Ministries, a brand new local organization that delivers hygiene service to the unsheltered. This means that if you have ever purchased anything in my Natalie Met Lewis shop or my Beautycounter site YOU have been a part of this giving! 🤗)

5. Grow my leadership qualities, so I can serve my team of consultants well.

It wasn’t really my plan, but soon after signing up to be a Beautycounter consultant, I began adding girls to my team. I quickly fell in love with the concept of being a team leader, coaching women, and supporting them to accomplish more than they think possible! One of my favorite things in general is connecting with you ladies in the DM’s, so this really just took this idea of connection to a whole new level and truly feels like we are just doing life together. I have big dreams for what this could grow into and I want to begin right away learning how to be a good leader, who brings out the best in people and inspires people.

Action Steps :

  • Plan getaway retreat
  • Pray for my team regularly
  • Encourage them spiritually
  • Seek to know them and learn how they are best encouraged

Books :
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
The Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg & John David Mann

6. Develop wifely qualities that serve my marriage.

Josh and I are in such a comfortable place right now and I don’t want to get in the habit of coasting! This is a multifaceted goal and includes everything like praying for him regularly, encouraging him in the way that he receives best, pursuing him romantically, and taking on more of a homemaker role. He has always been our cook and does so much around the house, but as his job becomes more stressful and as I’m working less ours out of the house, I want to be able to knock a lot of the household duties out during my days off so we can enjoy more of our free time!

Actions Steps:

  • Commit to pray for him daily
  • Look into Blue Apron or Hello Fresh
  • Make checklist for “Lady of the House day” (A concept Jess Connolly came up with!)

Books :
Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas (Reread highlights)
The Minimalist Kitchen : The Practical Art of Making More with Less by Melissa Coleman

7. Build our family legacy.

I’ll be honest… this goal feels a little vague to me and I’m still fleshing out what it means exactly. But essentially I want to start building warm and meaningful memories and capturing them! My thought is creating bucket lists (grab this freebie if you are doing the same), traditions, and making sure they are recorded. I hope to print more picture (haven’t yet printed a wedding album!) and journal our travels.

Action Steps :

  • Print photo books for our past trips
  • Print wedding album
  • Buy trip journals
  • Download 1 Second a day app

Books :
None yet. Any ideas?

8. Cultivate “successful person” qualities.

This year I learned my enneagram type. I’m a 9. We are known as peacemakers, but also as a sloth. And to be honest it makes so so much sense! I always wondered how others seemed so internally motivated and got so much stuff accomplished, but now I realize that it comes more naturally for some and others have to work harder at it (ironic, huh?). My thought with this goal is to pay attention to the qualities I need to develop so that I can see more “success”. This is not an attempt to look like everyone else or feel this pressure to measure up, but more of a desire to follow through with the mission God has given me and make sure I am maximizing the talents He has entrusted to me!

Action Steps :

  • Make list of successful qualities I want to develop
  • Make list of success habits I want to commit to
  • Create some accountability process (journal nightly, weekly review, etc)

Books :
9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life by Dr. Henry Cloud
No Excuses : The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracey
The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard
Deep Work by Cal Newport (Re-read highlights)

So those are my goals! I chose 8 this year instead of 10 because I was noticing that I was really having a hard time focusing and making things happen. In addition to a few less goals, I really plan to not try to set too many goals for myself. It’s becoming more and more obvious that I can tend to load myself up with too many things and want to accomplish so much on the front end that I fizzle out and don’t accomplish anything. So I am finally taking Lara’s advice and work at this little by little. :)

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  • Love and admire your goals! I just added a few books to my cart from your list. You should check out Nancy Ray’s website, she has posts about creating Legacy. Doing her book club and reading Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson and it’s all about creating traditions. Happy 2019, can’t wait to see what we all accomplish-through God’s grace!