33 Things About Me!

Happy 33rd birthday to me & Val! I know you are shocked, we don’t look a day over 17 … but it’s true! And to celebrate we wanted to each share 33 things you may not know about us. After you read these, you have to go check out Val’s… we are constantly amazed at how different twins can be!

  1. I have never broken a bone or had any type of surgery (no tonsils, tubes, etc), but I did have stitches on my chin twice.
  2. Growing up I sometimes wished Val was a boy so my crushes would come hang at the house.
  3. We used to go to music day camps every summer (with Psalty!) and I’m pretty sure I did the altar call every year, because I didn’t really understand and I wasn’t sure if I “did it right”.
  4. It was on a mountain in Colorado at camp Red Cloud that I first understand the idea of surrendering everything to the Lord when I read a little pamphlet called “My Heart Christ’s Home”
  5. In high school, I listened to rock music like Linkin Park and Puddle of Mud. My husband cannot comprehend this.
  6. I always wished I would have done a study abroad program.
  7. My college experience was not the best time of my life, and I used to feel sad about that until I learned that people have such different paths!
  8. I have been to 9 countries and love international travel! – Peru, Honduras, Greece, Ukraine, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Barbados
  9. Val and I had our first sip of alcohol on our 21 birthday.
  10. I saw a tragic accident in college, where the car in front of me was t-boned by a car that spun out of control while drag racing. All 4 people in the car died. It’s effected me in a lot of ways. For one I am a really nervous rider now and I picture accidents happening all the time. But for the positive, that I night I had an overwhelming sense that for me to still be here God had something He was calling me to do. The car that got hit was the exact same make as mine and directly in front of me. I even remember turning back for a second to tell friends something as I left the coffee shop right before which likely made all the difference that it wasn’t me.
  11. When we were kids Val and I shared a room, but I used to move to the guest room across the hall like once a week after we’d get in a big fight. It finally stuck in jr. high! I still run in a fight, but it’s something I’m getting better at.
  12. We had a go cart growing up, but were such chickens and drove so slow. I’m pretty sure my dad got it so he could ride it! Lol.
  13. I hate going fast on land, but love speed in the water (on a boat, jet ski, whitewater rafting).
  14. Christmas is my favorite holiday and the beach is my favorite type of vacation.
  15. I was proposed to when I was in my early twenties. Someone asked me when I was almost 30 and single if I regretted turning the proposal down. The answer was no. There are much worse things than being single, like being with the wrong person or being with someone you know was meant for someone else.
  16. When buying shirts I always gravitate towards black, white, or army green.
  17. I bought my own house at 25 and used to spend my nights painting furniture in my garage.
  18. Josh & I’s dinners consist of probably 90% Mexican & Greek.
  19. Sandals is my new favorite way to vacation. Me being frugal … all inclusive is the the best way for me to relax on a trip and not worry about money.
  20. I have been working with my grandfather and Mom for the last 9 years in our family neighborhood development and it has been both the hardest and easiest thing I have ever experienced
  21. I’ve never been the type to have baby names picked out, but it’s a good thing because my husband is.
  22. I’ve been to a counselor for several different things throughout my life and they were always so helpful. If I could afford it, I’d go once a week 🙌🏽
  23. I loved absolutely everything about our wedding, but though I know it couldn’t have been different, the only thing I regret was not getting to have all my best friends as bridesmaids.
  24. During my early 20’s when I was trying to figure out my purpose for my life, I wanted to be…
    A stay at home Mom
    A realtor
    A missionary
    An esthetician
    A hand letter
    A seminary student
  25. I was a speaker at a sorority retreat last year, and I’m still shocked that I actually did it. But it’s one experience that I think about whenever I feel weak and remember how much the Holy Spirit equipped me in the moment.
  26. The hygge life is my favorite lifestyle movement ever. On our way back from our honeymoon, we talked about what type of home we wanted and it’s pretty much the definition of hygge. Cozy, comfortable, loving connections, and fresh baked cookies.
  27. My very first boyfriends name was Josh, so I joke that I had to come full circle back my my Joshy.
  28. I forget about Josh and I’s age difference until 90’s pop culture comes up and he’s like “What? Is that Kelly Kapowski or Topanga?”
  29. If Excel spreadsheets were a love language, it would be mine.
  30. Car buying is like my definition of hell. I cried and couldn’t sleep the night before we bought my vehicle.
  31. Summer fruits are my favorite – watermelon, grapefruit, and pineapple!
  32. I actually like putting furniture together (even Ikea)! If I can do it by myself and there’s no rush I find it very relaxing.
  33. Val and I are 38 minutes apart! My poor mom had Val natural and me cesarean. And ever since then Val has been the first for everything… including this blogpost. (Sorry for anyone who came to the post she linked and it wasn’t up yet. :)  )

Thanks for reading! I hope you feel like you know me a little more :)
Did any of these come as a shock to you????

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