Truth that Transforms

If you are like me, you probably struggle from time to time with reading the Bible!
Maybe you have wondered if it was really making a difference? Or maybe you have just felt bored with it and like you are just getting through it? But that is not at all what God had in store for us when He gave us His Word in written form. It is meant to be our guide, to equip us, to speak to us, to sustain us, to challenge us, to mature us, to protect us and so much more. If this is not we experience through His word, we miss out.

When we do experience Scripture in the way God intended, it is an exciting thing! As our interactions with Scripture begin to feel more like a life line to the God of the universe, it becomes a powerful thing and it’s hard to see it like anything else.

Below is what I call my 3-Step Approach to Scripture that Transforms! I also linked some shops with some great tools for each step.

1. Dig into the Scriptures

Duh… You know this, but let’s take this a little further. This is not just shallow type of reading. This is really getting into it. The intention behind this type of reading is for understanding and for hearing from God. It is way different from the “I gotta read a chapter a day to check this off my list” type attitude that I sometimes have.

This is sitting in it, praying through it, searching commentary, …really looking for what God has for you in that moment. There are several ways I have found to get more serious and intentional with my reading! I have used guided devotionals on certain topics, I have read through the entire Bible (took 3 years, but it was life changing!), read theology books, etc. There are so many ways to study the Bible that can help energize your quiet time and bring a freshness to it!

Devotionals : Well Watered Women, She Reads Truth, All Good Things Collective, Natalie Met Lewis
Plans: You Version 1 Year Plan, Highlight Your Bible
Commentaries : Matthew Henry Commentary (They have an app too!)
Theological : Systematic Theology, Biblical Doctrine 

2. Live it Out

How often do we read something in the Bible, say “Oh, thats nice”, then head off on our way, never once thinking about the truths we read? I do it all the time. And it makes me simultaneously laugh/get embarrassed when I realize that I had just learned to “love others well” and now I am screaming at people in traffic.

But one thing that has helped me take those truths and live them out throughout my day, is by journaling. I’m a visual person, so when I write it – I remember it!

Since using my prayer journal consistently, I write out learning and what God is showing me, so it is reinforced! I pray through it and as I see prayers being answered, I am encouraged all the more. Using journals like the Give Me Jesus journal, helps to work through the scriptures and figure out how certain passages impact my life and my day to day. And other journals like the Devoted Life journal for singles, challenge you to make plans and brainstorm ideas on how to live based on what God’s truth says about a particular season or topic!

Prayer Journal : Val Marie Paper
Quiet Time Journal : Well Watered Women
Write the Word Journal : Cultivate What Matters 
Singles Journal : Natalie Met Lewis

3. Keep It Before You

There are so many great ways to do this now, with scripture cards, paintings and prints, mugs, t-shirts, jewelry,
Keep yourself surrounded by messages of truth and God’s word. We are bombarded with with messages of the world, so we have to purposefully make efforts to put God’s truth in front of us, so that it can drown out the noise and the lies of the world.

I shared this quote the other day by Francis Chan and it was something you all resonated with!
“We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes deliberate pursuit & attentiveness.”
We have to ACTIVELY battle the flesh, battle the lies of the world, and battle the enemy, so that we can experience intimacy with God. A simple way to do that is to keep reminders around you encouraging you what God says and to pursue the Lord with your whole heart.

Scripture Cards : Scarlet & Gold, All Good Things Collective, She Reads Truth, Val Marie Paper, Natalie Met Lewis,
Art & Prints : Lindsey Letters, Scarlet & Gold, All Good Things Collective
Clothing & Hats : Well Watered Women, All Good Things Collective

Hint: All these shops would make for some really great and MEANINGFUL Christmas gifts this year! ;)

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