Gift Guide for Singles

Today I’m so excited to finally get to share a gift guide for the single gals in your life – your sister, daughter, or bestie!

I put together this list with some things I remember wanting when I was single and I also got a bunch of help from the single ladies in my facebook group (Wholehearted Ladies! If you aren’t in there yet… come join!) and picked the ones that had a big consensus.

1. Garden Tote or Tool Set :

When I bought my house as a single woman, I loved doing stuff around the house – hanging stuff, fixing things, taking care of my yard, etc. Not only did the tools help me to get stuff done and make my house a home, but it gave me a sense of independence that I was really proud of :)

Garden Tote from Magnolia  |  Tool Set


2. Journal :

Who doesn’t love a nice linen covered journal? Not only is this journal pretty, but it is super intentional and specifically for single women. There is something so unique and special about the single season and it needs to be celebrated! This prompted journal will help your friend embrace where God has them now and plan to make the most of it :)

The Devoted Life journal


3. Nice Robe :

I’m not sure why we feel like this, but lots of the girls agreed, that they felt like nice robes or pajamas were something to wait for till they were married! So grab her a set of cute jammies or a nice robe (may even a nice pair of undies, if you are super close!) and she will love it.

Plum Pretty Sugar Robes & Pajamas  |  Gilligan & O’Malley (I live in these!)


4. Cute Mugs & Coffee/Tea :

Always. Always. Always a fun idea. Find out if she is a coffee or tea drinker and pair a special fancy blend of coffee or fun set of bags with the mug and you will have a great, affordable gift!

Lindsey Letters  |  Well Watered Women 


5. Devotional :

Whoever came up with the idea that everyone should get something to read for Christmas is a genius :)
Being single CAN be tough on some people, especially during the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be. So get her a gift that can change her life, her view of herself, and of all the goodness God has in store for her!

Wholeheartedly Devoted devotional


6 & 7. Luggage Set & Accessories  :

Honestly it was not something I could justify buying for myself, because I figured I could register for it someday… again… so silly. But lot’s of single gals are using their free time to visit friends, go on mission trips, and travel, so cute luggage and little accessories would be a great gift!

Calpak Luggage & Accessories  |  Wit & Delight Luggage & Accessories 


8. Monogrammed Stuff :

At first, when I was single I never wanted to get anything monogrammed, because I didn’t want it to “go to waste” after I got married… there was not even a guy in sight, mind you. But later I got over that and realized that no matter what my name would be in the future, there was something special about Natalie Metrejean and I wanted to celebrate single Natalie! So help your single friend celebrate who she is… right now… and get her something with her monogram :)

Bauble Bar Necklace  (I have one of these with my maiden initials and then got one with my married initials!)


9. Gift Cards :

Yeah gift cards might not be the most personal gift, but if you get them the right kind, they will love it! The girls in the group mentioned 2 types of gift cards they loved getting.

  1. Beauty Splurges like Manicures, Massages, Facials. Remember… they aren’t getting stuff like this for Mother’s Day or for anniversary and may not feel like they can splurge like this on themselves!
  2. Necessities … living on a single income could get kind of tight sometimes, so they appreciated when they got gift cards for some of the regular every day purchases! Target is a great place, where they can get everything from groceries and household item to clothes and makeup.

What else would you ladies add to this list?

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