Metrejean Farewell

goodbye-to-single-selfI remember my sister telling me about a gal who was getting married around 30 and she mentioned to Val that she was mourning the loss of her single hood. At the time I was 24 and single and the statement didn’t really make any sense to me. She was not a woman who was mourning the loss of sewn oats and she was not a woman who is marrying the wrong person, or was scared for what the future held. She was just a woman who had grown to love her singleness and recognized that is was a special time that she would miss.

Now on the day before I get married, I realize what she was talking about. Even as I sit here to write this I get teary eyed, because I have absolutely loved my single years and all they that were to me and did in my life.

Single Natalie, you have no idea what great plans the Lord has for you! 

Hold tightly to this verse always …

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

You will miss your cozy little apartment to yourself. And mornings spent reading and studying the word.

You will miss quiet nights spent at the gym or walking to Fresh Market for groceries and freshly ground coffee beans.

You will miss productive Saturdays of getting things done and slow Sunday mornings drinking, coffee and reading for hours.

You will miss getting to take spur of the moment weekend trips and sweet chats with long distance friends.

There are great joys and new experiences to come, but some things are meant only for a little while and hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you for spending so much time with Vivi. The auntie/niece bond that you share is one of your greatest treasures.

Thank you for ending things with guys as soon as you knew he wasn’t right for you. Your heart is precious and has been protected from so much and saved for the one who will take care of it forever.

Thank you for reading & studying the word. The wisdom you learned has been for a purpose and that purpose is to encourage and share with others.

Thank you for remaining patient, faithful & hopeful. The process has strengthened your faith and you have been rewarded for that in so many ways.

Thank you for celebrating with others. These are some of your favorite memories and times you will cherish forever.

You weren’t perfect. You made plenty of mistakes, but thanks to our Father for redeeming those mistakes and setting you on a better path.

I love who you have become.

I love what you have learned.

I love the unique time that you had with the Lord.

I loved seeing the fruit of obedience to the Lord.

I love that you are not lunging forward into the next chapter, just desperate to leave the last.

I love that this was your story.

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  • Oh, Natalie! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to celebrate your new marriage from afar! I teared up a little reading this post as I too am “mourning the loss of my single hood” (though with how crazy life has been these last few months I wasn’t even aware of it until now!) I’ll be praying for you and all that is to come! xoxo :)

  • Even though I’m not in a season of mourning the loss of my single hood I loved this post today! Reading it I found SO so so so much encouragement & hope. Not the kind of hope & encouragement that makes me long for marriage, but one that spurs me on towards anticipating my singleness in ways I’ve overlooked/forgotten.

    I stumbled upon your blog last month by way of your sister’s blog and I purchased the wholeheartedly devo! I turned 30 in October and adjusting to the reality of being 30 & single has been HARD. Filled with lots of ups and downs BUT God has used your blog to minister to me. Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use your singleness for His glory. It’s been so refreshing to read your posts over the past month. Your blog has made me want to EMBRACE this season of my life with joy & discover ways that I can fully enjoy it.

  • Natalie, this is beautiful! Thank you for offering such a great perspective! It was a great encouragement to me as I continue to pursue marriage with my boyfriend. Congratulations and all the best on this next season :)