Read This Momentary Marriage & The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness
I made a goal to read 24 books for the year, so you will see 2 books on my goals every month! This month is all about, researching for future devos and battling the bridezilla nature. Lol.

Plan Galentines Giveaway
I am so excited about this! Last year I launch “Wholeheartedly” on February 13th or to the rest of the Leslie Knope loving world “Galentines Day”. With it I did a big giveaway that I hope to get to do annually. This month I need to pick and order all the goodies!
Yes! And congrats to Haley Crabtree for winning all the goodies!

Book Major Wedding Vendors
As most of you may know, my boyfriend, Josh, proposed to me right before Christmas! (I will need to make a separate post about it soon to share the details!) Because we want to have a short engagement, this month is all about securing those major wedding vendors and making the big decisions.
My goal is to book the venue, photographer, videographer, florist, & DJ.


Buy thoughtful hostess gifts
My sister, with the help of some of my besties are throwing me a bridal shower this month! I am so appreciative of the hardwork and thoughtfulness they are putting in and it makes me feel so loved. Check out this sneak peak Val posted!
I also have a few ladies from our neighborhood planning a Prayer Shower for me! I have never been to one of these, so I am thrilled to get to be apart. My only job for the shower has been to send in prayers for our relationship and making this list was such a great thing to do. I will share about the showers and the prayers soon!

Combine financial accounts & Prepare budget
Such a big step for us as we get closer to being married! I am excited (and nervous) to be working on this with Josh. As someone who has been single and doing things on my own for a while, I’m sure this will be a pretty big adjustment. Say some prayers for us! Lol!

• Read Financial Stewardship & Driven by Eternity
My 2 books for this month! Hoping to gain some insight into how finances and our spiritual lives connect ass we decide on our new budget and plan for the future, as well as learn about heaven and what our lives on earth mean for eternity.

• Start X-tend Barre
I feel like this has been on my list since I purchased the Groupon in October! I started the month and am really loving this form of exercise. It is so effective and I am already seeing a difference.

Prepare my taxes
Ughhhhhh…..I am dreading this! Not a fun goal at all, but necessary!

• Pre- Marital Counseling
We are so pumped to be able to go through pre-marital counseling with our pastor. I have learned so much from him over years about my Christian walk and about marriage, that I just know this experience will be so fruitful as well.

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