Read Advent Devotional
Going through an advent devotional is a great way to focus daily on the meaning of Christmas and keep our hearts
on Jesus. Thanks to Katie Hilbert for recommending “Waiting Here for You” by Louie Giglio. I love it so far!

Finish Christmas Shopping by Dec 13th
I know this may not seem early to most people, but for me it is! Lol. I have been known to do some shopping on Christmas Eve. I’d really like to plan gift giving well and not be stressed about it so I can enjoy the season.
Did not happen, but I definitely got everything done quicker than I normally do, which I say was a win. I will try again next year!

Work through Powersheets
If you would like to be intentional with the new year, I cannot recommend Lara Casey’s Powersheets enough! This is my 3rd set and I honestly cannot tell you the difference it has made in helping me to accomplish things and dream big. I am so looking forward to going through the sheets this month and letting God speak to me as far as what He’d like for me to do with 2016.

Sit in the Quiet
I love the Christmas season. I absolutely love it. And my favorite years have been the ones where I soaked in everything and really cut out a lot of the hustle and bustle and just spent the evenings sitting at home alone or with loved ones, watching cheesy Christmas movies, and with only the Christmas lights on. Choosing to rest and be quiet in December rather than rushing out to the stores for shopping or running around crazy to make it to holiday parties, has done my heart a world of good and prepared me for the upcoming year.
Read This Momentary Marriage & The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness
I made a goal to read 24 books for the year, so you will see 2 books on my goals every month! This month is all about, researching for future devos and battling the bridezilla nature. Lol.

Plan Galentines Giveaway
I am so excited about this! Last year I launch “Wholeheartedly” on February 13th or to the rest of the Leslie Knope loving world “Galentines Day”. With it I did a big giveaway that I hope to get to do annually. This month I need to pick and order aall the goodies!

Book Major Wedding Vendors
As most of you may know, my boyfriend, Josh, proposed to me right before Christmas! (I will need to make a separate post about it soon to share the details!) Because we want to have a short engagement, this month is all about securing those major wedding vendors and making the big decisions.
My goal is to book the venue, photographer, videographer, florist, & DJ.

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