Yikesss!!! I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to, but more than if I didn’t make any goals, so here we go again ;)


  • Complete Work on 1 Freebie & Start on 1 New Product.
    It’s a secret, but I can’t wait to share :)
    Yay! Freebie completed. I was so excited to finally make this available. If you didn’t see, I am offering a free Sneak Peek of the Wholeheartedly Devo! Sign up for my newsletter (in the sidebar or pop-over) and you will immediately receive the first 3 days of devotionals along with a few other pages. Other product is still in the works, along with a few new ideas. 
  • Car Maintenance & Oil Change.
    My aux plug has been broken over a year and a half, which was most tragic over Christmas, because I have the most amazing Spotify playlist, so it is beyond time for me to get that fixed. And I have a broken visor that some consider a visual hazard.
    Oil change. Check. Still need to get the other stuff done!
  • Workout 2x a Week.
    Summer. Beach Trips. Bathing Suit.
    I did this the last 2 weeks, but it is staying on till it becomes a habit! It makes me feel so good when I do and I miss it.
  • Visit Friends in Baton Rouge.
    I am dying to see one of my best friends newest babies, and if I wait much longer he will probably be walking by the time I finally see him!  So off to his brothers Super Hero Birthday party next weekend!
    Yessss! And I am so glad :) Got to hold the bestie’s newest baby and loved it so much! And even though it was a party and she was the host, wee got in a good amount of chatting and quality time!
  • Finish A Beautiful Mess Blog Life E-Course.
    There is so much I want to share through this little blog! I have gotten off to a slow start, but I hope that once I get into a routine and have things more organized I can share more of my heart with you guys.
  • Finish “You and Me Forever”.
    I enjoy this book when I read it, but for some reason I’m having a hard to time picking it up. I bought another one that I am really, really loving and plan to finish that first, then maybe come back to finish this one. 
  • Be on time for Work.
    If your grandfather was your boss, you’d be late too … :) But we have got so much going on lately so I have got to be on time!
    Major fail. It is almost as if having this as a goal made it impossible to do… I can count on one hand the days I was on time!



  • Start “The Real Girls Guide to TAKING IT ALL OFF” by Stephanie May Wilson.
    I am very excited about this! I have been wanting to invest a deeper little into friendships, so when this course came up I was all in. We start in about 2 weeks and I can’t wait to see all that the Lord will do! 
  • Work on new product.
    Still a secret. Still in the works! I am hoping to have this for August, but it will be some tedious work and will rely on my designer/sis who is in the middle of finishing up her book “the Finishing School”! So we shall see how long till we can make it available. My goal this month is to get all my part done, so when she’s ready she can take it and run!
  • Read “the Meaning of Marriage”.
    I mentioned that I picked up another book and this was it! It seems to be a favorite among book readers on marriage, so I decided to grab it. I am only 30 pages in and I am getting so much out of it already. It has already flipped the tables on how our culture sees marriage, and you know I love when God’s truths shake up my perspective. 
  • Blog Once a Week.
    Same reason for doing the E-course! I have so much to share, but as a golden it’s not the most natural thing for me to be super disciplined. Y’alls feedback on the last few posts have been so encouraging. I think I teared up when some said “Keep writing!” because it made me feel like my words were really encouraging others :)
  • Workout 2x a Week.
    This has to be my month!!!!! Lol! Doing it!
  • Do 1 Adventurous thing a Week.
    As a homebody, I tend to default to staying in or saying no to things, but I want this to be the summer of adventure! Deep down I have an adventurous spirit and I find that the more I say “yes” to exploring & adventuring the easier it is! Now… this will probably look a little different every week and may only be something like going to a late night movie (I love to go to bed early) or it could be to take a drive out of town and go hiking. Whatever it is, I want to celebrate summer and have fun this month! 
  • Take Vitamins Daily.
    I am elderly if you didn’t know… or atleast my joints make me feel like I am. It has been a pretty constant thing lately and as soon as my knees feel better, my back starts to hurt and I have to go get massage (ok… that’s not so bad). But it has been CONSTANT! So when my mom got hooked on this Melaleuca kick she bought me some vitamins specifically for muscles and joints. Well not only does she buy my vitamins, but she also has to remind me to take them, and I’m pretty much a toddler when it comes to taking vitamins. I don’t wanna. But I do want to feel good again so take them I will!
  • Pray for 15min Daily.
    Val challenged us to do this for the month and I decided to say yes! One thing I am praying about for June is whether the Lord is calling me to write another devotional, this time on relationships. I have had some of my sweet Wholehearted Ladies, who now find themselves in relationships, ask if I would be writing one and I mean I have been dating for about 8 months so I am pretty much a pro, right???? No… actually not so much!  But I figured I should pray about it and see what He says. There is no point to writing something if the Lord does not call me to it so I don’t want to just write it to have a follow-up. I know the only reason that “Wholeheartedly” has touched the hearts that it has, is because the Holy Spirit was so it. So pray for me if you think about it!

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