• Plan & Host Lindsay’s Baby Shower
    If you have read Wholeheartedly, you know how important I think it is to celebrate with your friends and family as they get married and have babies… no matter how far behind the curve you might feel and no matter how much you want those things too! After trying to get pregnant for a while, we were so excited to to hear that Lindsay was pregnant and it was surely something worth celebrating!
    Completed! And it was great :) Just a little but longer till we get to meet this little man! 
  • Influence Network Conference
    I couldn’t be more excited to be attending this year! There are so many gals I will finally get to meet face-to-face, that I already feel like I know. I am praying for the hearts of all attendees to be open and ready. And for the Holy Spirit to move and speak to us in unique ways.
    Yes! I am so glad I got a chance to go to before they switched up the format! (They will be doing more regional events on the future.) Getting to meet so many gals I knew only from Instagram was so fun and the speakers really brought so much truth that I am still thinking through. 
  • Celebrate Josh Birthday
    So, I forgot all about Josh’s birthday and booked my ticket to Influence Network, before I realized it!
    Check! Surprised him by taking him out to a fancy steak dinner which he loves and left 5 cards for him to read for each of the days I was gone! It was fun! Hoping I am getting the hang of this celebrating thing. Lol!
  • Read the Mingling of Souls, You & Me, Forever, Sacred Marriage, and Dating Manifesto
    I’m bumping up my book quota this month as I research and study relationships to prepare for writing my next devotional!
    I didn’t get to read nearly what I wanted on our road trip, but I did manage to finish 2 books.
  • Start 2 Small Groups
    I’m starting a girls group where we will be going through Anything by Jennie Allen. And we have a church small group starting where we discuss our sermon series, which is on the biblical view of money.
    Yes! And they have both been so great!
  • Book Brand Designer
    Really pumped about this! I’m getting a logo and some branding done in preparation for a big launch in February. Praying that the Lord would match me with the perfect designer for me!
    Booked! I am so excited to start the process!!!


  • Complete Branding
    I have been loving the process of branding so far. Andra & Kelly have really helped me to discover what I really want and I am getting so excited to see (and to show y’all) the final designs!
  • Capsule for November
    I have commitment issues, okay? Lol. Although a capsule wardrobe is supposed to be for 3 months (a season for most folks, but not us in Louisiana), I am going to start with a month and work my way up from there! 
  • Re-Evaluate Monthly Budget
    Our church recently did a sermon series on money and it was sooo good! So I am re-doing my monthly budget and adding these key points from one of the sermons (What? Me? Rich?) to the bottom, so that I see these principles every month!
    1. Don’t take credit for my money.  2. Keep my hope firmly grounded in the Lord & not in my money. 
    3. Enjoy the gifts that God has provided for me.  4. Use my money to make a difference in the world.  5. Live for what lasts.
  • Read Satisfied, Sacred Marriage, & Mingling of Souls
    Satisfied is about contentment and I will like to continue on with this subject as I re-think where my money goes! And Sacred Marriage & Mingling of Souls is about marriage – still researching for the next devo!
  • Go through closet Donate clothes
    While I am building my capsule wardrobe, I figure this is the time!
  • Research Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge & Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix
    Are you tired of hearing me talk about getting healthy?? Me too :) I have heard a ton about these 2 programs and would love to commit to jump starting some weight loss. I like the idea of 21 or 24 days, cause it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, but I think it would be long enough to start some good habits. I found Lindsay who does Advocare and Heather a friend of mine who uses the 21 Day Fix, so I am hoping to get enough info, to decide which is best for me.

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