The Heart Behind Wholeheartedly

Ladies! I really wish I could know who you are and where you are at right now in life. Each story is so unique and I really hope that through this blog and instagram that I can get to know you guys more. I have already met quite a few new people and hearing your stories is my favorite, because I have been there before. I remember feeling really isolated at times and then the Lord would put single gals in my life and all of a sudden it started to feel like I was surrounded in a big warm hug. So I really hope to create a community for you to be a part of that encourages and excites you about where you are at in life and feels like a big warm hug :)

My heart in writing this devotional is to speak the words that the Lord spoke to me, to you. I prayed a lot through out writing that these would not be my words, but the Holy Spirit’s words.  I do talk about stories from my own journey and things that happened to me, but I hope more than anything that you see the words of God in those pages. The clearest thing that I have ever heard God speak to me was that I was to speak to His people, specifically single women.

I want you to KNOW that you are not alone.
I want you to TRUST in all that God has planned for you.
I want you to HOPE for things bigger than you ever imagined.
I want you to ENJOY your singleness.

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