The Launch of Wholeheartedly

the-launchAll I can say is that you know you are doing something right when the devil trys so hard to stop you!!!

After an exciting and overwhelming response to the launch of “Wholeheartedly” 2 weeks ago in my twin sisters shop Val Marie Paper, things got complicated, really fast! We have decided to simplify things and I have opened up my own shop to sell the devotionals in, which is exciting, but also sad, because we loved working together and it was fun to get to be a part of the VMP buzz. But we are planning on being “twin-sister shops” with each other, so stay tuned for special projects & collaborations!

So hop on over to my etsy shop if you’d like a copy of my devotional for singles “Wholeheartedly”. I have discounts for orders of 3 & 10, in case you plan to use this study with a few friends or in a group, which I think would be fun! Message me for special pricing for quantities over 10.

For those of you who have already received yours, show us your devotional on instagram & hashtag #wholeheartedlydevo.  You can also leave prayer requests, topics your stuck on, funny single girl moments, things you are grateful for, and just let me know how it is going!  Know that I am praying for you & for all the big plans the Lord has in store!

Click here to go to etsy shop!

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