Finally Met Lewis Wedding : Part #1

Why am I sharing about a wedding on a blog started for single women, you might ask?

Don’t worry, I have asked myself too. I thought about glossing over it and moving on to other topics I am dying to write about pertaining to singleness and dealing with breakups (don’t worry, they are coming). But then I remembered all of the comments I received on Instagram each time I posted a picture about the wedding or of Josh. The outpouring of support and celebration has been one of the sweetest things and you may never understand how much it has meant to me.

I have seen the way that desire for the next thing, can cripple people from being able to celebrate others and honestly I probably expected a little bit of the same when my turn came. But you ladies have surprised me in the best way possible. You have shared how much you have loved following my story and the ways the Lord has been working in it! So I share these pics and our story for a few reasons :

  • To encourage you to remain hopeful that through obedience to what the Lord has called you to, your life can change in an instant and blessings can be poured out to overflowing.
  • To remind you that God’s plans are ALWAYS better than our own, husband or no husband.
  • To challenge you not to settle. There were many times I could have settled for a different story, but it would never have been as beautiful as the one God laid out for me.
  • To help equip you in your own life. I realize that some of you who found me when you were single, are now dating and engaged! I’d love to share what I have learned through the process and help you in any way that I can.

Ok, ok let me stop talking so we can get to all the prettiness that was captured so beautifully by my amazing photographer and now friend Whitney Marie!


The Details :

Details were very minimal! My overall theme was simple, but classic, blush with greenery. We had Alex from Prairie Letter, hand letter 2 signs for us, the banner for the ceremony, and a few words, including our names, that we incorporated into the paper goods. And Mia & Sophie from Root Floral Designs made beautiful accents to the signs and a garland for our sweetheart table which was my other favorite detail!  I loved having a place that was designated just for Josh & I.

What I learned from The Details :
Having less details actually put more emphasis on the special touches we did incorporate, the love and emotion we shared, and all that the Lord did to bring us together. It also took a lot of stress off the wedding planning process to not feel like I had to include every idea on Pinterest!

Handlettered Wedding Invitation Suite by Prairie Letter

Wedding Cake with flowers ang olive leaves
Natalie Met Lewis Wedding Dress Hanging

"I have found the one my soul loves" wedding signage.

The Prep :

Getting ready with my friends the day of the wedding was so special! With only 100 guests, we decided against having a bridal party. I could have never cut down the list to less than 9 and we felt that 18 people would have been too many at the front in proportion to the guests! Although I knew it was the right decision, the idea of not getting ready for the big day with my bridesmaids was heart breaking. Luckily all of my “should have been a bridesmaids” (as they affectionately became known) came to the venue to celebrate the day and get ready with me. Most of them live out of state, so it really was just a wonderful time to all be together again :)

What I learned from The Prep :
Write your vows out before the wedding day! I had mine on my phone and thought it would be relaxing to write them out in our cute little vow book on the day of the wedding, but I completely misjudged how long it would take! They were a bit long I guess. Lol. But it took me at least an hour to write them out and I finish like 5 minutes AFTER I was supposed to start hair and makeup!
Test any kinds of adhesive tapes you plan to use before the wedding day! I planned on using toupee tape and about 15 minutes before I started taking pics I realized that it wasn’t working great! It led to what I think was my only bride-zilla moment of the day, as I yelled at Val to “Keep adding more tape! Just keep adding more!” … sorry Val :)  Unfortunately the tape was showing in some of the pics, but FORTUNATELY my cousin and aunt saved the day when they used a roll on glue before the reception and my dress did not budge for the rest of the night!

Natalie Met Lewis Bride Getting Ready Putting on makeup for weddingGetting Ready for Wedding Getting Ready for the Wedding

Vivi Mae Drinking on the Balcony
Natalie Met Lewis getting dress on
Flower Girl Bride Hug
Groom Putting on Jacket

The Bridals :

Bridals are big in the South! Most brides do a separate photo session in their dress before the wedding, but with such a short engagement, I didn’t have the time. Whitney took about 30 minutes before the first look and got so many great shots I didn’t feel like I missed out by not having a full Bridal shoot.

What I learned from The Bridals :
I didn’t need a full session to get some great shots in my dress. If you are short on time or money, skip the bridal session and plan some extra time on the wedding day to get a few shots.

Natalie Met Lewis coming downstairs

Find the Light Bride
Madison James Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Gown

The First Look :

One of the best decisions we made for the wedding was having a first look! Josh was against it at first, but he ended up being so glad we did it. These moments together were so sweet and special. We hugged, cried, talked about the day and pretty much just stared at each other. Lol. I was like a little girl and kept asking “Do you like my dress?”, “Do you like my shoes?”, “Do you like my hair?”, etc.  He thought I was beautiful and loved my dress so much! I even showed him some other dresses I had tried on after the wedding and he kept saying just how perfect my dress was for me.

What I learned from our first look :
Seeing each other before the wedding did not take ANY emotion away from the walk down the aisle. We both still cried like babies. If anything it just gave us more time to enjoy each other on or special day and gave us pictures together we could not have gotten otherwise, because of the timing of the sunset.  

Josh waiting for first look with NatalieThe Moment Before the First Look

The First Look
Bride & Groom Hug
Groom forehead kiss
First Look Laugh
First Look Smiles
Groom Tears at First Look

The Formals :

I am not one for super posed shots, but I think these turned out beautifully and it’s nice to have pictures of our families and friends. We were able to get through these in like 15 minutes, because everyone was right there and we had a shot list! And I am sooooo glad we thought to do a picture with my best friends! Just because they weren’t “bridesmaids” doesn’t mean they that they aren’t the closest friends I have ever had and the pictures were got are some of my favorite from the day.

What I learned from The Formals :
Another great reason for the first look! We were able to get great formal pictures outside while it was still daylight and we didn’t have to miss any of the reception. Looking back, I would have sent the shot list to all of the families, just to make sure everything was covered. Even with Josh and I both looking over the list, we still missed a few things and it caused a little stress in the moment that could have been avoided!

Bride & Flower Girl KissWMP_5880 Bridal Party with MOH and Best Manthe-mercersBride-Groom-Flower-GirleditedBridal Party MOH and Best ManBride-groom-and-officiantThe-LewisesBest Friends Formal Picture

My dream team !

Venue : Maison de Tours
Caterer : Zeas Catering
Photographer : Whitney Marie Photography
Videographer : Odideo Media Group
Florist : Root Floral Design
Brides Cake : Crystal Weddings
Make Up & Hair : Sara Buteaux
Wedding Gown : Madison James
Bridesmaid Dress : Adriana Papell
Paper Goods : Designed by Val Marie Paper with Lettering by Alex from Prairie Letter
Calligraphy : Prairie Letter
My Pinterest Board : Bride & Groom

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